Steelhead & Browns

Winter fishing is here everyone, and I am not talking about ice fishing. If you love landing Steelhead and searching out those big brown trout, now is the time to start scoping out your favorite pools.

See James Daher landing a nice sized brown trout in Pulaski, New York.


Fall walleye fishing is here!

If you are a walleye fisherman, then you might want to start thinking of ways to one-up the competition. As nights get colder, and the water temperature slowly gets colder, weeds will start to wither and walleyes will be schooling in the bays feeding at night. Start preparing now so you are ready for some wonderful fishing in the beginning of October.

Take a look at some of the stick baits below. They are just a few of James Daher’s favorite lures for fall walleye fishing. Stop into the shop to learn about all of the different lures.

Walleye season opener

Its almost time folks. Walleye season is right around the corner, and I hope this year you all brought your best gear and tactics out of the basement, because you will need it. The water is low and cold right now — but don’t lose hope. We’ve seen many walleyes in the shallow bays, the deeps channels and hiding in between the weed beds! Here are a few tips you may want to take into consideration for opening day:

1. Line can mean everything: These walleyes are hungry. But don’t think that a lighter line isn’t going to matter, because it will. Try a light 6-pound mono setup with your favorite 7-foot rod, and be ready for a fight. I’ve used Power Pro and Fire Line most of my life, but I know one thing: when the water is cold and the fish are finicky, your presentation matters.

2. Live bait doesn’t always win: Try a new presentation this year. A black and purple jig with tinsel, followed by a wiggler tail of your preference.

3. Be off the bottom, or go home: These walleyes are sitting on their beds still in a lot of cases. Make sure you are getting on the bottom. Or, if you are using plastic stick baits, be sure to be 3-4 feet off the bottom in hope of that high riser walleye strike and follow up hit.

That is all the advise I have for now, and some may disagree. Happy fishing come Saturday May 5th, and may the best fisherman win.