Steelhead are running wild

The Steelhead have been in folks, and they are starting to really run now. The water is fast and extremely high in Salmon River, but the fish are getting up the tributaries, and the fishing is getting good. Stop into Mickey’s Bait and Tackle to learn more about some local hot spots.

7lb Steelhead caught by Michael Dwyer on Saturday 04/12/14

7lb Steelhead caught by Michael Dwyer on Saturday 04/12/14

Salmon River is hot, hot, hot

Large king salmon

30+ pound king chinook salmon / caught by Michael Masucci Jr.

It is October everyone. The weather is getting cooler, bass fishing is dying down, fall perch are coming in, but lets not forget what this time of year really means. Salmon fishing time!

If you love salmon fishing as much as we do, now is the time to start making your way up to the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York. For chinook and coho salmon lovers, the Salmon river offers some of the best salmon fishing in the United States this time of year for the salmon run starting in late September.

The fish are running in great numbers, if you have any questions about the laws on the Salmon river, certain spots to find good pools of fish, or you just want to learn about salmon fishing in general, stop down to the ship for a visit.


Who likes catching trout?

James Daher has done it again folks. See one of the many beautiful brown trout James caught out of Onondaga Creek back in early May. The fish are still schooled up in pools. Get and out there and do some stream fishing before the warmer weather comes.

Onondaga Creek Trout